Parents aren’t perfect

Just as the title says, you know how nobody is perfect? This applies to parents as well because y’know, you haven’t lived with them when they were kids or teenagers, grown-ups, not even before or after they got married.

And it may surprise you that they too, did lots and lots of stupid mistakes while they were your age. Back then, they were young and impetuous too just as they call you now. And you get some sort of a shock because, after all you can’t imagine your parents mistaking while they’re the ones who are always lecturing you, guiding you and directing you to what they think is right. Parents aren’t actually perfect, not the way we see them…

But how would this matter to us, beloved sons and daughters?

Should we care to know that much of details about their past life? Their pre-parental life?

Here’s a couple of ideas about it…

-You’ll be happy to see that your parents cared to raise you in a better environment and atmosphere they were brought up in. (or worse! Not so happy in this case)

-You’ll be thankful they kept you away from the mistakes they did themselves.

-You’ll be questioning yourself and to what extent your life resembles theirs. Not just the status of life, but decisions, habits, actions and characteristics as well.

Then you’ll wonder if there’s more to them you don’t know and may never will…

~To be continued~

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