Indifferently different!

I have always considered myself different from others. Different from the people’s norm, I don’t do things the same way they do. Not in everything of course but I noticed much, usually I find myself different from the majority, ending up with a few people who I may get along with.

It’s been that way all the time, different in ways I chose or ways I was born with. Like, being left-handed, spending most of my time at home, alone, being a non-smoker, non-driver, not a big fan of football or knowledgeable in cars and cellphone models, didn’t learn how to drive even everyone else did…..and lots of other stuff

I’ve always considered this a good thing. You know, being unique and so, which is true to an extent. But lately, it occurred to me that it also has its downsides because people seem only to accept what’s familiar to them, they fear the unknown and the unusual. I can’t fit in large groups of people; I don’t participate in group conversations unless I know everyone who’s talking. I don’t communicate with my family & friends the way everyone else does, which sometimes is mistaken for arrogance or carelessness and consequently resulting in awkwardness in treatment. I just do the things as it comforts me not the way I see people doing it because simply, either I don’t know how people do it or I don’t like how or why they do it so I do it my way. I’m not always right on that but it’s how I deal with stuff.

When someone tells me “You’re supposed to do this that way” I listen carefully, but when I start doing it, I add my personal touch…sometimes it turns out better than they expect, other times it goes totally bad 😀


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