Scary o.o

On your path of life, you sure get so many choose things and make decisions. You choose your favorite color, your favorite type of food, your next movie to watch, what you’re gonna wear today….these seemingly easy and simple choices because we deal with them on regular basis and, you don’t have to think about the consequences. But there are other choices were you just can’t decide as easy as the previous, they have a greater impact on how your life will be, the consequences can be good or bad, there can be risks.

Do you often look back at any decision you took even if it’s long after you’ve taken it? I do, and I do it a lot! It’s like the only thing I can relate anything that has went wrong in my life to. But I don’t like it, because the past decisions are nothing in comparison to the stuff I see lying ahead, waiting to be settled in the future.

The future, commonly known as scary, it doesn’t scare me, but I’m not happy about it even though it didn’t happen yet. I see my present so screwed up negating any hopes of having a strong upright future. I’m missing the full half of the cup because the cup itself looks dirty. I’m usually thinking about what I’m gonna do in the following years, am I gonna be happy? Am I gonna be working somewhere nice? Am I gonna enjoy whatever I’ll be doing? Will I get rid of my financial problems? Will I get to achieve anything that’s on my wish list? And a million more questions I wonder about! It gets scary as I feel I won’t be getting any help from anybody…

So, does it help to worry? Or is it better just not to care? I assure myself that I’m a good person and everything’s gonna end up just fine and that GOD will help me. It still comes back…

I’m aware of the fact that “you reap what you sow” and if those worries aren’t letting me do what’s right in the present, the future will surely be equally messed up!

إن شاء الله…لن يضيع أجري إن احسنت عملاً

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