Things that make me happy C=

Today, I decided to make a list of the things that make me happy. Things which I never get enough of, things will raise my spirit the moment I’m in contact with them, things that make my day:

1-PIZZA! MUM’s ❤
3-Jigsaw Puzzles
4-How I met your mother?
5-Linkin Park
7-Khaled El Saeed’s statuses =D
8-Milkshakes, Fruit/Milk mixes
9-Mind wrecking games or puzzles
11-DONALD DUCK! Sorry I forgot you all this time =[
13-Almost Anything Hadeel Bahaa writes
14-“3afaf is cool” video
15-Our “Democracy” video
16-Quality Stickfights (Epic or higher)
17-Cookie Monster (aka قراقيش)
19-Scrubs (the TV show)
20-Fairly Odd Parents (a.k.a الوالدان السحريان) (orignally known as Fairy Godparents)
21-Coldplay’s X&Y
22-JL8 by Yale Stewart
24-“X React to” videos by TheFineBros
25-Florence and the Machine (basically Florence Welch’s voice and lyrics)
26-League of Legends and everything that relates to it
27-Rubik’s cubes
28-Friends who travel/study/work abroad
31-Humans of New York

And to balance things out, I’m making a list of things which are total turn offs to me, things I hardly accept and might never will, things which may easily ruin my day

2-Besara or بصارة in Arabic
4-Time spent in FECU
5-Lentil (Koshari, not soup)
6-National TV
7-Literally translated quotes
8-Pointless Repetition (Routine or having to repeat myself for nothing) -.-
9-Physical Pain
11-Solo-caring too much
12-Intentional stupidity
13-Egypt, because it’s full of fail
14-People, because they suck

That’s all I can think for now…will always update this list whenever I remember more items to add.

It may not have a purpose but sometimes I forget that I have likes and dislikes because I’m usually flexible which sometimes makes me feel opinion-less as I accept almost everything.

*goes without saying but, lists are in chronological order of the realization


Posted on September 19, 2011, in Everything. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. It’s almost like a list of gratitude.
    eno you should be thankful for having these things in your life (:


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