Parents aren’t perfect II

Our parents have done a huge effort raising us up, shaping our character, supplying us with what we need; guiding us to what they think is right and important. We are all grateful for having them and praying that GOD may bless them for what they did and doing till now, because without them, we’re totally lost.

How do our parents bring up their kids? They rely on their personal experiences of their long lived life. This experience is vast and very rich for sure which is why we trust them so much and their opinion matters a lot.

But haven’t you noticed that sometimes their experience isn’t covering every issue? Some issues they lack or have limited information about? If you ask your parents about something that you’re curious about and they ordered you to stay away from it because they don’t approve of it. Certainly you’ll ask why? Some parents may continue to discuss the reasons by sharing their experience, which is good. But other parents get angry and furious just because you asked why and then they end the discussion by authority. They didn’t convince you in anyway, and they failed to wipe off your curiosity. On the contrary, they made you even more curious than before. You’ll get your info from external sources which are abundant. And maybe you’ll end up doing that thing after all.

This is really bad for the relationship between parents and their kids. This is how kids start to lie to their parents. This is how discussions decrease between them. This is how a kid draws some distance away from his parents, depending solely on the easy, abundant, bluntly honest external sources. And the kids will apply it to any upcoming issue they wonder about, not knowing whether their parents’ knowledge and experience will be useful to them or not. Which if true, will be of great importance because the kids take after their parents in the first place, right?

GOD ordered us to treat our parents well, please them and dispraised defying them, that’s why you MUST have a discussion channel open between you and them. And whenever you feel they are only refusing your suggestions because they don’t want to bother or worry. Try to reason with them, transfer your intentions (good ones of course) and supporting reasons. They may be afraid of what they don’t know but if you can show you know what you’re doing, not just because “Everybody’s doing it” means they will approve. Take your logic to them and they’ll probably respect you…


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