It helps to know…

Sometimes, when you’re having a series of bad days and you contemplate about yourself a lot. You think that your problems are too much and you worry about too many things. You hate it, and if you start observing your friends you’ll think everyone else has a better situation than you. And you start feeling hopeless, nearing depression.

So what can help you in these times?

You should start to think of how you can overcome those problems in the future. Think about what you need to do.

and if that didn’t work…

You may flashback to the past, remind yourself of your achievements and the good things that happened to you.

if that fails

You should try calling someone, or going out with many of your friends and start expressing what you’re feeling.

that’s when you will listen to the following:

-Stories of those who shared your problem and managed to go through them.
-Stories of those who shared your problem and failed to solve them, but they survived it. (and sometimes they’re happy they didn’t, they’re satisfied with what they have)
-Stories of those who didn’t share your problem….

Why would you want to listen to those? It doesn’t help at all! Well trust me, it does. It helps to know that you’re not struggling alone, everyone else has their challenges. Everyone’s facing problems on a daily basis. Everyone sees the obstacles as indestructible but still, they just need to decide if it’s worth the fight and proceed to destroy these obstacles to finally reach what they sought.

Don’t hold in stories you might consider troubling or unhelpful, it helps you advance =)

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