Life changing effect

Two days ago, I was out with my friends. It was so much fun because I’ve missed them all. While I was with them I heard something which caught my attention, a friend of mine was seeking one of her dreams, achieving what she had as an objective one year ago. I only knew her as the head of “One for all” committee of imEU2011, but imEU2011 is over and surprisingly…she’s still active!

She, along with other friends, was heading over to a town in the countryside, to check out the status of the needy families who can’t afford the water piping into their simply built houses.

I didn’t know where she got the funding from, assumed donations, but it turned out to be that water cooler’s tank they used to raise money with. I don’t know it she meant the simile of using the water tank to deliver water to those who can’t, I guess she did, which only increases how much I respect her. =)

We used to see that tank in every event and session. Our friend members humorously asked us to put something in for charity. I didn’t ask for the reason back then but everything was clear now.

I don’t think anyone of us, or the delegates who generously donated knew the money would end up delivering clear clean water to two or three families they will never meet, in some place they may never visit. They would get this invaluable feeling of making a difference, affecting someone’s life DRAMATICALLY.

Who knows? maybe some kid would live a healthier life and grow up to play a better role than he was destined to. Or some mother wouldn’t gradually hurt her back carrying water all the way from the pump. Or saving an old widow the embarrassment of asking her neighbors to lend her some…

And on the longer run, this effect can repay you directly or indirectly…

من فرج عن أخيه كربةً من كرب الدنيا، فرج الله عنه كربةً من كرب يوم القيامة

GOD bless you Sh.Z.


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