Most of the time, when people tell me stories and expect me to give an opinion about what they did or what they should do, or explain motives behind actions. I can address these problems and convert them into words, giving multiple explanations or interpretations about the given facts, eventually helping the listener to grasp the situation from extra perspectives. Some of my words come out in the form of advice. These advice are a responsibility, because they shape someone’s opinion about certain things.

People seem convinced with the things I reply with, they thank me and I thank them too for confiding in me or for consulting me. It’s a good thing to feel your opinion is appreciated and highly regarded. But it doesn’t mean I’m too wise to make mistakes or to make wrong decisions based upon my false logic or misinterpretation of events. Moreover, I do the same mistakes I’ve stated to my friends, the mistakes I’ve warned them not to do because the consequences could be grave. Sometimes I feel like I need to experience, just doing the unlikely right choice out of curiosity. Merely challenging my own intellect, like “Ok Brain, I know you’re right but I’m gonna do it the wrong way because I can!”

And of course the consequences are not so pretty,
Though I claim to be sharp and witty,
I’m choosing the wrong one,
then afterwards on the long run,
My actions do only provoke your pity,
So I will need no trial, and the inner guilt is gone…

Self-contradicting? Hypocrite? I don’t think I am…I only separate myself from others, I rarely relate to others or link what happens to me with what happened to others. I take it as a new, unknown situation…I’m just not a fan of repetition!

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  1. my favorite blog post till now!

    i might even copy it zay ma hya kda 3andy w w 7e2o2 elmelkeya terga3lak :P:D:D

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