Awakened Dreams

Days I’ve slept, days I’ve dreamt
Dreams of fantasies, visions felt,
People mixed up, strangers connect,
how did these circles intersect?

Wishes came true, hopes fulfilled
Acquired targets with goals rapidly achieved,
Impossible is extinct, the path is cleared,
Solutions for problems are easily revealed,

So lately why are they hard to believe,
I sleep, I dream, amused with the stream,
until something happens, so hard to perceive,
Still asleep, I stop and say, This…is a dream!

It’s weird, strange and troubling,
In your sleep, your body is resting
Only the mind keeps functioning,
But why does it always wake me up?

House M.D.

Dr. House

Did it become so hard to accept,
All that I seek is substantially correct?
Shall I lose my faith in daydreams too?
And go on with life like this, no clue

I’ve woken up, just as Dr. House did,
To this illogical dream, a tempting delusion,
Certain it’s only in my head,
And now what’s tearing me, is the confusion

How much is a dream worth? If you know it’s false,
Unconsciously wanting it so much, brain interrupts,
If I can’t reach the ending in my sleep?
To the awaken dreams, will I also weep?

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