Like Crap

2:30 am, I was about to post “fucking feeling like crap” as a status update on facebook but before I was pressing the “Share” button I let that thought dissolve. Stirred it in my mind….

-I’m fucking feeling like crap! :@

-Hey I don’t feel like crap o.o

-How do you know? >:C

-Not sure…but there’s a couple of possibilities I can think of

-Yeah? Like what? >:C

-Like…You just saw house feeling like a wreck and you’re somehow copying that feeling o.o

-But the episode didn’t end at that you idiot, he ended up making out with Dr. Cuddy who just admitted she lied to him about why she hired him!

-…so you’re feeling like crap because two characters from some series lied to each other? Seriously?

-Shut up! >:C you said there’s a couple of reasons, what else?

-It’s just that…I don’t think that it’s not the time you should feel like crap yet. I don’t think this is the crappiest level things can get.

-That could be true…in some way…even though it doesn’t make much sense o.o!

-See? Told ya 😉

-Hey don’t rush things up! I’m still not convinced :S

-Remember earlier today when you were reading through “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”?

-Yes, what about it? -.-

-That part you liked, the one that applied to you, even though it bears a sad fact, still you liked it *rolleyes*

-Yes because –ummm- it was nice to know someone else is having my problems o.o

-That was it? *raised one eyebrow*

-Yea I guess o.o

-So it’s enough for you to “know”?

-Yes, I felt quite better o.o

-You’re not wondering whether he will solve these problems or not? Or how is he going to try to solve them?

-Yea sure….I guess *confused look*


-No o.o it’s not like that, It’s that I think the writer’s experience might not be useful to me, we’re pretty different and his situation and the constraints surrounding it are not that same as mine. So I believe the solution wouldn’t be of much help o.o

-How do you know without even knowing it, or trying it? >:C

-I don’t o.o that’s why I said it “might” not be useful :3

-GOD! You’re making me angry >:C

-I… I… I didn’t mean to :3

-AAAAAAAAAAH! GET SOME SLEEP DAMMIT >:C It’s 3am already! Or you WILL feel like crap if you miss college tomorrow!

-meh -.- college -.- I see crap coming my way already =/


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