Better read than spoken

A discussion is going on…
Turns into an argument…
Everyone’s saying their own points of view…
& justifies it…
But I don’t

I listen and listen, rarely interrupt and I base my opinion on what everyone else said. I don’t justify. Whether I have good reasons to approve or reject that I’d interfere, I keep listening assuming that the ones speaking know more. I keep my own reasons to myself. What I say aloud is mostly different or not so close to what’s in my mind. I side with the majority unless I’m 100% sure I’m correct enough to interfere. It’s not good and I end up uncomfortable but settling to “Let them have it their way…”. It’s not so bad when the decision affects everyone equally, everyone sacrificing for the whole group to reach their objective. But some situations press my discomfort pretty hard and I didn’t interfere or explain why am I bothered or how it’s bad for me. I don’t think I’ll be taken seriously. I’m not allowed to fully express my thoughts because on the spot they are disorganized and I find difficulty explaining them. My ideas seem ten times better in my head than spoken. But only two times better than written. So I write five times better than I speak…and this is a root of a collection of my personal problems…

It’s bothering me and I’m hating myself for it…because I can see how this can lead me to my own doom.

I’m not an impulsive person when it comes to personal opinion. What I speak out has passed a dozen filters in my head along with reply predictions. As well as predictions to my reply to those replies and the replies to my replies to those replies! When something feels right to be said, it’s said. As if there’s another conversation going on in my head with you. And it makes sense that my replies sometimes doesn’t make any sense! Not to mention my hastiness wanting the conversation to move on matching one of the scenarios in my head so I can eliminate other scenarios and foresee where the conversation is going. That’s why I usually speak faster than what people could hear, then I need to repeat myself which I hate, it disturbs my thoughts like a mindbump.

That is also why I communicate with people better on MSN, chatting, social networks or texting. I have a bigger timespan to process and proceed, think clearly, correct myself and plan ahead what I want to say and ask. Not worrying about external interruptions by others. And people can actually understand what I say…

Which is one of the reasons I believe…that my words…. are better read than spoken =)


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  1. nabih….i’ve read that…i really liked it cuz it nearly says what can’t be said deep inside the human self…..but if i can comment on it then i’d tell u “JUST BE URSELF” and talk on that bases…..whoever likes it likes it and whoever doesn’t then just “**** him” and dun even care…………………………man u go through so many calculations to say a phrase according to what u’ve written here….take it easy 🙂

    • First thanks for taking the time to read ya Mohsen beeh =)
      Secondly, you’re pretty much right, and I should do that more often, but sometimes I lay back and listen just to observe the way others think or how they deal with arguments. I should stop and intervene when it comes to my personal benefit or loss, but what intrigues me sometimes is when things go beyond that border. I just want to discover that. =)

      The calculations are planted in my nature, and they help…or else there would be lots of awkward silence in every conversation I have…which already happens x)

      • it’s really good to know how ppl think…….but it’s not by hearing them talk……..u can say whatever u want and convince the person in front of u with it even if it’s not true……………….u can do that by watching their deeds and reactions to other situations with other ppl…….only then u’ll know how they think truly 🙂

        and i never said that calculations are not right…………they’re right but sometimes….some other times u won’t need them even if u made lots of calculations Cuz there’s what’s called “Destiny” and that’s where all ur calculations are going to anyways ^_^

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