A straightening phonecall

What does it take to get one’s life straight?

An intervention? Detaching yourself from yourself, your life, your problems, your ambitions and overlook everything from an outsider’s perspective.

A wake up call? Seeing a superhuman incident whose effect changes your attitude once and for all. Believing it may actually happen to you and you stand in line and wait for your turn…

It requires an OUTER perspective to keep things IN perspective.

The pessimism of having nothing to look forward to in the next days, weeks, months or years, is absolutely one of the worst feelings there is. Surviving life not living it, getting through the days so you can sleep at night waiting for another indifferent day to begin. No motivation, no ambitions, no purpose and no goals. Trying to figure out your way through the maze of rights and wrongs, and still when you do and cling on to this subtle solid fact, it’s not worth it! Nothing’s worth it! Nothing feels good, you’ve discarded the word “Perfect”. (traces from the song Out the back by Fort Minor)

At times when it’s so dark and unbearable. All you need sometimes is to let someone else see what you’re going through, listen to how messed up it is. That person doesn’t need to be the wisest or the richest or the smartest, that person will be able to see through your life and point out the pots of gold you’ve ditched because they’re made of cheap plastic. People have a tendency to create a delusion of their life being worse than their peers’ lives. Get yourself a peer, someone who’s certainly not an asshole. Let their unbiased vision and insight elevate your morale. It’s not the beginning nor the end of a vicious circle, circles have no beginning and no end. Your entrance point isn’t necessarily your exit. Find an exit, jump off to another circle and experience a new circuit.

Your life certainly looks different from the outside =)

And today it took me a 30 minute phone call to reassemble my crumbled shiny perspective. To seize every opportunity heading my way, not settling to how foggy or twisted things lying ahead may seem.

ومنْ يتَّقِ اللهَ يَجْعَل لَهُ مَخرَجَاً، ويَرزُقهُ مِن حَيثُ لا يَحتسِبْ =)


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