A risk I’m happily taking =D

So it’s the first assignment this year, an initial research about my own vision of an “Architects Syndicate”, which we don’t have here in Egypt by the way. The assignment’s not directly related to architecture, all I’m looking for is some fancy looking content, some fancy text, some new fancy ideas and blend them in one sheet. Along with whatever I can squeeze in from an analysis of the project’s given site, a more detailed” requirements program” with area analysis of foot print and total built up area and a brief bubble diagram for zoning the building sections. All of this is created by me, my own logic and understanding. So basically I can do anything =D Which I did xD

I thought of a title for the Syndicate: “EAS or Egyptian Architects Society”, created a facebook page and a twitter account for it. Posted some status updates, links of made up events. Beside some made up tweets about made up programs and workshops supervised by made up Professors =D I took pictures and added them to the sheet I’ll hand in.

It’s fun! I’m not at all sure if the Professor will like it or not, I’m more sure he won’t than he would xD But it’s alright I enjoyed doing this 😛

I’m not messing around, I’m accompanying this playfully made up stuff with some concept, some logic which I hope the Professor won’t reject…I don’t even know how would this become architecturally obvious in the physical side of the building in terms of forms and masses…

It’s a risk, and I’m taking it happily, which I rarely do, but I like the fact that I’m doing it right now…no matter the consequences =D

*hope this attitude doesn’t change after 4 hours….ربنا يسهل x)*


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