Reaching a stable state is something I usually seek, things I do, people I know, places I go…

I train myself to continuously collide with these, deal with them to get accustomed to their own ways to finally minimize any extra effort made to living with it.

If something keeps bothering me and I can’t get to grips with it. After several tries I stop and maintain some distance to keep myself comfortably unbothered. And it would be against all logic to push myself closer to any of these unwanted areas.

Same goes for the things I hate, I won’t get anywhere near them even if it’s the last and only resort.

Let’s assume you have somewhere to go to daily, let’s say a bank. On the first day you’ve took your car, and traffic was too crowded but you’ve got through. On the second day, it was as crowded as the first but when you arrived you couldn’t find a parking spot. On the third day, you raged through the congested traffic, found a parking spot too far from the bank and after you finished work, you found that something bumped your car.

The repetition of unfortunate events, when linked to the daily repeated process of going to the bank, will cumulatively build up dislike feelings against going to the bank. Even if the job is good and rewarding. Your journey keeps bugging you until you suit yourself to this state or you look for another way around.

Then you decide you’re taking the metro to reach the bank so you can avoid the traffic, the parking search and the needless car bumps. At first, you’ll be happy you didn’t drive to the bank, happy you didn’t consume yourself looking for a parking spot. You think it’s uncomfortably crowded with people who keep pushing you. You reach the bank soaking in sweat and wrinkled clothes.

You feel you’ve had enough, fed up with things going wrong even though you looked for solutions. So you quit, and look for another job. The new job is exhausting, different from what you used to do. But you give it time and you get along with everyone eventually. You feel comfortable in your place, with the people around, with the assignments you get and the salary you earn. But after a while, your firm is going through a reform phase, requiring to make some staff cuts, followed by a merge. Moving to a new location which is -unluckily- where your old job was.

What do you do?

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