Brain Jam

Say the title aloud…
Keep saying it repeatedly…..
Until it gets gross…!


Anyway, this is how my brain is these days, “jammed” with ideas, impressions, enthusiasm, problems and unsolved issues. I became busier these days; I’m posting less even though there’s a lot going on in my head. And I’m starting to dislike it, I wanna VENT! Condensing these floating thoughts into words, words into a post, then post out of my head.

I’m pretty reluctant about posting these days because the active issues include friends, and I’m not sure how these friends will react to what I write, I’m also not sure if they will like others seeing what I wrote about them or not. I know I can keep it anonymous and write it through another context. But I don’t want to cause any troubles. I’m thinking if I wait and let things move on the way they are, those concerned will recognize their faults and I’ll be there to say “I told you so” and I don’t like to do that.


I believe that avoiding problems never solves them…

And for that I’ll write them down whatever the consequences…

This is where I put my thoughts in order…

This is where I speak with words….

This is where I can reach a conclusion to my own thoughts =)

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