A week ago, I was asked about the superpower I wish I had. My answer to this question has always been “Teleportation”. Like in the movie “Jumpers”, where the characters in the movie could teleport from one place to another in a blink of an eye with no limits. I always thought I need this ability to be able to shift between different places I want to go.

I’ll use it to skip the annoying traffic, because it’s illogical to take 45 minutes to reach college when you can walk it in 25 minutes and similarly with longer distances.

I’ll use it to travel around the world, go to places I’ve always wished to visit and be able to come back home the same day. If I could go during the weekend without needing to ask for a holiday and wasting half of it flying on a plane or in the airport.

I’ll use it to get things done quickly. I dunno yet if I should be able to carry other people with me or not, but I think it would be cool. And certainly I should be able to teleport objects.

Anyway, last week Teleportation wasn’t my answer, it was someone else’s, and I didn’t want to be repetitive so I thought about my second most wanted superpower and it hit me immediately! I want to have “Self-Cloning” powers. It’s similar to teleportation in some way. I wanna make copies of myself to be able to be in many places at once. It’s something I’m suffering from lately, I wanna be in many places at once, with different people doing different stuff, I’m usually in situations where I must choose between going to this place or another. Seeing friends or staying with family….and a lot more.

I want to have many ME’s so I can do everything I want to, but always get limited by time or commitment to something else…

I know the solution is as simple as time management, prioritizing and self-organization…but being able to teleport or create clones would be super cool, not to mention easier =P


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