I’ve been thinking -as usual- about how I’m silent most of the time around people or during discussions. When I don’t know enough about what’s being discussed, when I’m not sure how my opinion will be received by everyone or just laying back and watching others dealing with each other. I don’t like to be under the spotlight, I don’t like to be focused on or grabbing everyone’s attention alone.

I can’t tell a story without feeling an inside urge to go quickly through it, wrap it up and finish so everyone’s eyes aren’t on me. The story doesn’t come out as brilliant as it really is and blows its whole build-up. It’s a lot easier with someone backing me up, a few friends noticed that and I thank them for making me look better.

It’s like picking between playing Batman or Robin in movie or a game. I would definitely go for Robin. The sidekick who may not get credit from the viewers, but Batman knows he wouldn’t have done anything if Robin wasn’t there supporting him in the right moment.

Anyway, after the stage of analyzing the silence and its reasons, I thought of ways to overcome this silence.

I want people to ask me what I am thinking about.

Whenever I seem silently thoughtful, whenever I’m thoughtfully silent, whenever I’m not participating enough…

I’ve spent enough time thinking with myself, only expressing my thoughts timidly to a few and only when I know they will react in a way that I won’t regret telling it to them no matter how silly or meaningless, sick or complex it may sound…

If you have read this, remember…. “Nabih, what’s on your mind?”

Side note: This is my 30th post on “Venting” =) making it a month old. As I continue to post once daily, I’m liking it more and more. And now I’m sure this was a good idea =) and the doubts I had 30 posts ago, vanished…!

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