Curious case of curious people

Curious case of curious people

Have you ever been on a ride for a long time to notice someone around you checking you out?
Watching everything you do and everything you make?
Leaning to see which book, newspaper or magazine you’re reading?
Or to see your “Now playing” songs?
Or being all ears to your phone conversation? Maybe even joining it?

It’s creepy, and everyone needs their righteous share of privacy. But being on both sides of the previous situation, I can tell you that it’s not that creepy or awkward all the time.

First, you shouldn’t be self-centered, thinking that everything you do is cool and you’re super interesting that you can’t get people (and paparazzi) off your tail.

Secondly, you should know that people who can be looking curiously aren’t necessarily watching you out of curiosity.

I might get bored on a ride and start to look at people or what they do and try to imagine how their life is like and if they’re happy or not. I might look over to their playlist because I heard a part of a song I recognize but couldn’t find. I might look at the book they’re reading because I recognized the title and I wanna take a look (and I wish there would be this one time I ask someone for a quick look). I don’t pay attention to others’ conversations on the phone, nothing interesting about it, unless that person’s life was too ambiguous to imagine from only looking at them.

Third, If I only introduced you to the curious nosy type of people, the next time you get on a ride you’ll be indirectly ‘looking’ for that person, subconsciously wanting to find them to confirm what you’ve read upwards.

You shouldn’t, it’s a mistake, don’t narrow down the possibilities to what you only know, saw, read or heard about. The thing about possibilities is that they can or can’t happen, and not because your knowledge about a certain thing has been defined into some single label, don’t eliminate other possibilities for that label to contain non-uniform samples, as well as possibility of existence of other possibilities =)

Always stay open to new things, no matter how strange or irrational they might be.

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