Hands down…Time’s up

I’m slow, that’s a fact.

Not with understanding, not with talking, not with responses, but with execution, between the decision to do and the doing itself stands lots and lots of foreseeing and prediction, and while doing it’s much slower when deciding to choose which way to go through a single step, lots of foreseeing and predictions again, and it gets slower if I don’t know how the result should look like, same when I’m doing something first-hand without any previous knowledge.

It’s never been in my favor when it came to the speed of getting something done. On the other hand, the quality of the work is more likely to be in my favor. I can always see what could go wrong with the execution, and that slows me down, not wanting things to go wrong and having to correct them, I keep contemplating about how I can do it the right way with no errors.

This too much thinking and predicting usually leads me to feel that it’s too much to go through, realizing there’s too much to bother with in the next step, and the step after it, and the step after it….and so on.

I’ve been suffering from this problems for years now and I don’t know what to do, the only solution I see possible is having a continuously present person to get a second opinion. To get me through these small simple decisions, to get me to the next step. Maybe all I need is someone to appreciate me making decisions and see me bear through the downsides.

One of the phrases I hate most is “Your time is up!” and it’s not always about the short duration, my exams are 3 hours minimum and I don’t remember when was the last time I reached the end.


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