Those days are still here =)

It’s surprising how a day can feel so great, no…it’s the greatest day I’ve had in a while would follow some of the worst.
Has it been because of the perfect score my group and I earned, or the documentary footage being done close to how I had it in mind. How in both of these delightful achievements, the power of teamwork and individual effectiveness has emerged, having a certain goal ahead of us and consuming ourselves to reach it.

Today, in college, we handed in one of the richest sketches we’ve ever done. One week ago, we knew we wanted to dazzle the Professors after going twice for what they want instead of leading them into our zone and discuss it then. We knew what we had to do, thought of extra work to do, tasks were assigned, work was done, conflicts and arguments were settled for the sake of the target. Making it easy for our mission to be accomplished. I have to mention how it’s a pleasure to be part of this team for the second year, regardless of the complementaries who joined us along the way. It’s really important to see your work gets appreciated and highly graded by those professors, and more importantly your co-workers =)

Also today, with imEU’s multimedia committee members’ and head’s help, footage for the documentary was done. It’s something I’m proud I’m part of, and this footage was the fruit of an idea that initially started by me, as well as encouragement, empowering, co-operation from the rest of the committee that despite the fact that it doesn’t feel like an idea that initially sparked in my head, I’m not one bit sad about it =) I’m only anxious to see people’s reactions to what we’ve all been working on, next Wednesday.

Feelings of satisfaction and relaxation have surfaced today =)

The best work done is the work which your own ego disappears under the clarity and appreciation of the team’s effort.

Coming home after such a wonderful day, I find one of my favorite movies “Spanglish” playing on MBC2, could be the only movie I like for Adam Sandler beside “50 First Dates”


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  1. hmmm , i didnt read that , well its nice to know that we are some complimentaries along the way 😀
    good piece as usual
    Keep Rocking as Usual bardu =)

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