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Into the fray

Days pass like faded images in a fuzzy dream
The only wish is to shout and scream Read the rest of this entry



تعبان…تعبان ومرهق ومتضايق ان بقالي اسبوع معرفش حاجة من اللي بتحصل غير اللي بسمعه واللي هو برضو قليل….
متضايق اني مش عارف اتابع ومش عارف اعرف أي حاجة عن أي حد…
ومتضايق ان كان مفروض عليا أبقى مركز وباصص من منظور ضيق جدا وكأن مفيش في الدنيا غير الشغل والمشاريع….
ومتضايق اني بعد ما طلعت من الضيق ده اني مش قادر اتابع من التعب!
انا بكره أي نظام هيحطني في دايرة ويخليني افضل الف وادور جواها…مش دي الحياة ابداً


I feel like a resource that’s been depleted. A consumed being that needs to be recharged…

“Please…recharge me!”

Because fuck priorities =)

Yesterday, I decided not to work on the design project. I decided to make the designs for the articles assigned to me by my head, for the imEU’s first issue. The primary duration was Thursday night, it extended to Friday’s noon till evening, and eventually included the whole night till 5 minutes from the time I’m writing this. Read the rest of this entry

The sickening whirlwind

This was meant to be a message to a friend, but when I started writing, the message went on to be this long, so I decided to post it instead.

The thing is, this whole week, I’ve been forced into doing college work all day all night. No chance to refresh and do something different…
The most entertaining thing I’ve done this week is playing around 200 minesweeper games…..alone….and I lost around 195 of them! How entertaining is that?! Read the rest of this entry

Self-exceeding worries

I feel like it’s been a month since I last posted here. I’m not happy about it, but since my last two posts from Domiat. I’ve been thrown back into the raging seas of college and I’m barely surviving it. Many and many ideas long to be written down, they long to be set free!

And I feel bad for them because I’m not able to put myself into my writing rituals. Read the rest of this entry

The world has agreed

Earth, the home planet for numerous creatures, these creatures are different from each other. They differ in the environments they live in, the food they live on, the way they reproduce, their bodies and how they look, their colors…etc. Read the rest of this entry

SINcere Apology

I have been mistaken, and I’m embarrassed since I did what I did. It was unacceptable, but it seemed the only option back then. It sucks when you lie, and you build another lie on it, and you keep on lying thinking you’re preventing something bad from happening. I did that, and I was wrong, because the more I lied, the more you called, the more I hated to answer and lie again. Read the rest of this entry

A rich fat CHAT

Have you ever been in a conversation, with your mother, where you can joke about her in front of your family? And she can joke back about you without both of you getting embarrassed even when both of you are saying stuff that’s too personal?
Have you ever been in a conversation when you can prove your mother wrong, and she verbally admits it? Then she proves you wrong and you admit it and be fine with it?
Have you ever been in a conversation with your mother, two brothers, three cousins and two aunts? And everyone is just pouring their hearts out, saying things you have never said to anyone? Hearing things you’ve never heard before? And not just being honestly honest, but also at some times bluntly blunt or offensively offensive?

This…was one of those conversations…! Read the rest of this entry

6/11/11: Into Domiat

It’s just the first day of my hometown trip to Damietta, or Domiat as it’s pronounced. And I can’t tell how overwhelmed I am with the warmth I’ve found and the peace of mind I’m feeling right now.

It gave me something to look forward to in my future. It’s been sometime since I came here, and it’s the first time I come here looking forward to seeing my longly unseen large family. I had planned ahead the things I’m excited to do and people I’m eager to see. Although I could stay in Cairo to spend the feast as usual, which honestly got boring in the last two years. Read the rest of this entry

Just the right share

Don’t expect the worst, and also don’t expect to get everything you want to…
You could be having the time of your life in places you go and things you do. But with other places and things, you may be getting less than what you wish yourself to get. Be sure you’ll get just the right share in these other things; it could be less than what you would’ve got if you were completely focused and dedicated to one thing only. Trust me, it’s the right share…
And also, if you keep it in mind, that because your focus is divided between many things and you’ll consequently get bad results. You’ll be doing it with a negative attitude, you wouldn’t want to work knowing that the results will suck anyway. You’ll end up not working well; not doing the best you can do with the little you have to do with…
ليس كل ما يتمناه المرء يدركه
ولذلك يجب أن تكون مقتنعاً أن ما سوف تدركه هو المقدر لك، بمقداره المناسب