Bouncing between thoughts

Starting Random Thought: Not yet that I have reached the state of being indispensable to people. It’s like, OK, I’m pretty welcomed, but not important enough to be needed for something to work.

Another Random Thought: It’s obvious that I don’t have much free time during the college year. My week flies by so quickly, highlighted by the assignments and the sketches I handed or didn’t hand in.

Today, I’ve had pulled one of the usually repeated “all-nighters”, working with my Archi group, just slipped down into a short two hour nap or to be accurate, FELL asleep!

My group woke me up later, though as much as it felt back then that the only thing I got to do is SLEEP and NOTHING ELSE BUT SLEEP! I woke up! I remembered that there’s still work to do which is my responsibility, and we’ve went too far through the required work that I can’t be the one to ruin all this progress. I woke up, still reluctant, but I got up anyways. We finished, printed out the work, went to college, handed it in and thankfully scored 8.5/10, which is pretty great given that we were one step behind the night before. We usually aim for higher and that’s what I like the most about my Archi group =)

I was satisfied, not only because of the good grade but also because “we had a clearer vision of what’s lying ahead of us”. Knowing this is always important to me with whatever work I’m doing.

Anyway, after that I left and went to my imEU family to have lunch together. They’ve already left from college so I followed by bus. I didn’t spend much time there with the people because I arrived while they were eating and right after we finished we left. But I was glad I made in impression =) and I did it with my beloved magnets =)

Switching thoughts: Away from, this “Dear Diary” crap. One of the friends I newly met told me that “You obviously have too much free time! I’m not really sure whether she meant it or was just being sarcastic, doesn’t really matter. What matters is I don’t think I have too much free time. Because in fact, my free time is usually wasted –uhm..- spent in chilling out and refreshing. Not doing anything useful, watching an episode of some show, playing a round or two of League of Legends (an online game) or just lying in bed.

What I do consider my free time is the time most people call “lost time”. My free time is when I’m riding the metro reading some book, waiting for the mini-bus thinking of a new shape to do with the magnets, listening to some awesome song and softly dancing to its music, playing air guitar or air drumming to it, or acting the lyrics with people looking at me not caring about them. My free time is when I’m thinking about things and people, when I’m thinking about myself…

Though it may seem quite busy and full, it’s what I call free time; it’s what I’m proud of, it’s what makes me happy and it’s what makes me be ME…whatever is the way I define ME…I’ll get to that later…

Random Thought Change: It’s one of the things I appreciate for being different because I think that if I did know how to drive, I couldn’t have been able to read books, or enjoy playing with the magnets. I’d still be thinking about things and people and thinking about myself, but it won’t be the same. I’ll still listen to music, but it won’t be as free as while walking the streets, moving with the pianos, violins, drums and electric guitar riffs and solos…

*POOF* New Thought: I also appreciate that I’m a non-smoker, because if I did smoke, I wouldn’t have thought about saving money or asking for more to be able to buy my super magnets, along with a few other crazy things. I think that if I did start smoking at the time my friends did, it would’ve made my life really hard and miserable. I don’t want to put up an extra burden on my family, especially money-wise. I want to help maintain our lifestyle no matter how stable or restricted it may feel sometimes, but it fits us now, and I know it could’ve been a lot worse thank GOD.

Final Random Thought: By far, this has been my LONGEST post. The first one to be written with a pencil then typed (I’ve always typed directly). And it’s this long because I’m back to the Archi apartment, and I’ve been knocking on the door for an hour now and my Archies didn’t open the door for me yet; they’re all sleeping because of yesterday’s all nighter =)


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