Just the right share

Don’t expect the worst, and also don’t expect to get everything you want to…
You could be having the time of your life in places you go and things you do. But with other places and things, you may be getting less than what you wish yourself to get. Be sure you’ll get just the right share in these other things; it could be less than what you would’ve got if you were completely focused and dedicated to one thing only. Trust me, it’s the right share…
And also, if you keep it in mind, that because your focus is divided between many things and you’ll consequently get bad results. You’ll be doing it with a negative attitude, you wouldn’t want to work knowing that the results will suck anyway. You’ll end up not working well; not doing the best you can do with the little you have to do with…
ليس كل ما يتمناه المرء يدركه
ولذلك يجب أن تكون مقتنعاً أن ما سوف تدركه هو المقدر لك، بمقداره المناسب

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