6/11/11: Into Domiat

It’s just the first day of my hometown trip to Damietta, or Domiat as it’s pronounced. And I can’t tell how overwhelmed I am with the warmth I’ve found and the peace of mind I’m feeling right now.

It gave me something to look forward to in my future. It’s been sometime since I came here, and it’s the first time I come here looking forward to seeing my longly unseen large family. I had planned ahead the things I’m excited to do and people I’m eager to see. Although I could stay in Cairo to spend the feast as usual, which honestly got boring in the last two years.

For the time after prayer is spent as follows:
1-Staying with relatives exchanging greetings and planning with cousins on how to spend the day.
Or 2-with the butchery and the sacrifices and the meat handling which I don’t mind most of the time, but it’s too much when you have to fetch and carry your own and others meat too. I’m aware it grants big rewards to the helpers in carrying, cutting and distributing, besides helping in giving it to the poor and needy. But it’s too much if it makes my hand shaky and causes constant contractions for days to follow.

And when 1 gets too tiring there’s no mood for 2, and when my cousins have no mood for 2 we don’t go out. So it was good to have a change this year. Supported by my mom’s will to avoid the butchery stage as her role was super tiring too, especially this year with less helping hands. We both agreed that it’s the right time to pay Domiat a visit.

Like I said, it’s been sometime since I visited Domiat, it’s the hometown of both my father (May he rest in Peace and be granted GOD’s Mercy) and mother (GOD Bless her). And I have lots and lots of memories here, which is weird because I have no idea why it was so hard to come here for a visit in the last two years. So I came, and I spent the day before the feast sleeping! The accumulated exhaustion of a long archi-week and a long car travel forced me into deep sleep until Sunday 10am, I even missed the feast prayer and mom surprisingly didn’t get mad about it.

I was looking forward to catching up with my uncles, aunts and cousins in general. And I was hoping I’d get the chance to chat with my oldest aunt about my dad’s life when he was my age. Because, if I take after my parents, and I could know about them, it means that I’ll be knowing about myself as well. With all the mess that’s going in my head leading me to post here, I could use some help trying to identify and compare my life with his. Bearing in mind all the differences and circumstances we are both in, it won’t hurt to know. I’m writing this with my eyes burning at 5am Monday, and I swear not any archi work would keep me up writing at this time. There wasn’t too much about my dad in the chat, but just listening to two solemn stories about him, got me crying =’)

My dad was great, and even though I didn’t get to know much about him. The people who know about him know much, much of great things he’s done, and still I know I resemble him in his way of thinking, and I hope I am in the place he wanted me in, on the path he wished to place me on =)

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  1. Am sure he’s proud (:
    May his soul rest in peace isA (:

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