Because fuck priorities =)

Yesterday, I decided not to work on the design project. I decided to make the designs for the articles assigned to me by my head, for the imEU’s first issue. The primary duration was Thursday night, it extended to Friday’s noon till evening, and eventually included the whole night till 5 minutes from the time I’m writing this.

During which my conscience never seized to stop its alerts and warnings “الديزاين بيهرب يا نبيه”, not only that. My friends also wanted me to ditch the designs and start working. Knowing that the work on the design project takes long time and effort. Requires one to be ready and prepared physically and mentally for it. But I didn’t stop, I didn’t want to. All I had in mind was to give the articles, fully finished before the deadline. The project will be handed one way or another, I wouldn’t do it if I had the choice anyway.

I was asked in the interview last August if I would put imEU before college, and my answer was yes, a yes with 100% certainty and 0% hesitation. It’s not worth the effort for me to suppress myself for days.

This attitude may affect my future career in architecture, not being able to apply for good jobs or internships. This is the attitude I would call “failure”, but it’s not logical for me to waste myself on something that would lead me into a more wasteful place. If I’m rejecting it now, I will reject it it later. I don’t have to take that path, I’ll go wherever I’m leading myself, maybe not the brightest architect in the market but at least satisfied and enjoying life doing whatever I’ll be doing =)

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