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People making my day =)

Having a day that goes smoothly without any problem is something extraordinary. If it happens to me more often, if it happens to all of us more often we would surely be different. But do we have the power to control it? Surely not, we have no power or control over what may happen to us.

Today I had no idea what’s gonna happen or how the day would go. Today was a day that has been shaped and brightened by all the people I’ve seen deliberately or by sheer coincidence. Read the rest of this entry


The Uprising Generations

Today, was okay…it was better than it should’ve been actually

Not much stuff happened, which is a good thing.

Take for example, Wednesday’s exam was cancelled, which saved us errands we had to run to find out what it was about, the work wasn’t too tiring either.

Since the day wasn’t as crowded as it was supposed to be, My friends decided to go see the Christmas carols with a friend. I’ve wanted to go from what I’ve heard about last year’s, but I didn’t wanna go today. Read the rest of this entry


Who says you can’t have it all =)

It all comes down to attitude.

Being prepared, being determined, willing to achieve something….

A friend of mine threw a blowing comment yesterday “Nabih, you can’t have the best of everything” and I agreed with him because I know it’s true and hard to get.

But from where I stand now, it’s not that hard. Read the rest of this entry

Pieces of mind

Today was a positive day, the accumulative negativity I’ve held for days has been lifted off me throughout the day. Thanks to imEU, EANA and my archies.

It became clear to me that it’s just a phase, exactly as a dear friend described it, which I have to go through, tomorrow will be the beginning of a two-week grindstone. Read the rest of this entry

I find my silence…fullfilling

My silence is necessary

As I’ve been mentioning through most of the recent posts about the struggle between myself and how much effort am I willing to put into college work. And how much do I see its importance to my future, or how possible it is to become my future career.

I might be talking about this more than I should, I really am, so please forgive me if I’m being boringly repetitive. But you should know that, Read the rest of this entry


I remember my dad used to spend almost all day at work and come home late. The time he used to spend with us was really very short (well, the time he spent with us was too short actually :/ Read the rest of this entry

Tri-branching thought

This was supposed to be one long concentrated thought, it got interrupted by two incidents, dividing it into three, totally shifting my direction….

UNO Read the rest of this entry

There must be more to life….

Today’s design sketch was another failure. I agreed to attend, unlikely I decided to stop and hand in what I’ve reached at that point and accept whatever grade I’ll be given. The doctor didn’t like what he saw (it wasn’t likable anyway), so he asked me to come hand in something more presentable some other day.

It was another chance to get a better grade; I didn’t feel good about it though. I wanted to get over with this design so my mind would be clear to focus in the next subjects. Read the rest of this entry

Please, work it out

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard…  
Coldplay – The Scientist

Between the ups and 10 times the downs…
Between the question of why does this all happen to me and the thank GOD for everything…
Between seeking self-improvement and reaching self-satisfaction

Where do we all lie? Read the rest of this entry