Who says you can’t have it all =)

It all comes down to attitude.

Being prepared, being determined, willing to achieve something….

A friend of mine threw a blowing comment yesterday “Nabih, you can’t have the best of everything” and I agreed with him because I know it’s true and hard to get.

But from where I stand now, it’s not that hard.

Yesterday I made a new best time in minesweeper’s expert level, finished the whole puzzle in 121 seconds which is GREAT! I’m getting closer to Eid’s target which is 11x =D

Today I scored 8 out of 10 in the design sketch, without stressing over it, without doing too much effort which will be under-appreciated, without moaning over how much mistakes are there in the drawings. I just did what I had to do, what I could do in the time allowed. The early start was a HUGE advantage, the fewer interruptions were big help too (The extra hundred games of minesweeper were convenient for mood switching and mind clearance) I wasn’t hurrying up or racing against time. I wasn’t over-thinking nor over-predicting about how the final result should be. I just focused on the execution and execution only 🙂 and I was productive. Even though the situation in Tahrir & Downtown area was a living hell and extremely infuriating, I didn’t get fully distracted by it.

I’m proud, happy and relieved 🙂

Thanks to Ms. Oz3a who showed great support and endured my initial negativity 🙂

Thanks to my archies who kept me involved all the time, made sure I continue working, made sure I reach a product, a decent output 🙂

Although now I’m too sleepy, I stayed up to catch up with friends, I’m goofing around on facebook with no heavy weight burdens hanging on my shoulders. I congratulated a very dear friend for his gold and silver medals succeeding in the Arabian Tournament (the phonecall was a bit awkward though, we haven’t talked for ages! but I still love to catch up with him :D). I’m staying up to continue working on some surprise gift for a close person 🙂

It sucks to be stuck on a fixed track, to look at life from a very narrow perspective. I feel happy when I’m included, when I’m involved, when I’m part of my friends lives, to have my work appreciated, to enjoy doing whatever I’m doing…

and I hope this happy attitude persists for the right amount of time…till the upcoming battles are settled…

Side-note: I don’t sleep when I’m happy 😀 Even if I’m too tired and too sleepy 😀


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