The Uprising Generations

Today, was okay…it was better than it should’ve been actually

Not much stuff happened, which is a good thing.

Take for example, Wednesday’s exam was cancelled, which saved us errands we had to run to find out what it was about, the work wasn’t too tiring either.

Since the day wasn’t as crowded as it was supposed to be, My friends decided to go see the Christmas carols with a friend. I’ve wanted to go from what I’ve heard about last year’s, but I didn’t wanna go today.

Anyway, I decided to go home to get money and exchange clothes to be able to stay in Old Cairo’s apartment without having to go back home daily. I did, took a shower, dressed up and went on my way back. I called to check if the guys were back, but they weren’t so they told me to stay a bit longer till they’re back because I don’t have a key.

I didn’t go back in my place, I decided to pay my uncle’s family a visit, who lived right upstairs. I wanted to check upon my cousin, Mariam. Whom I haven’t heard from since last week when she called to ask if I was home because she needed help with her math, she said she would call me after she wakes up but she didn’t, so I wanted to see why she didn’t.

She’s in 3rd sec and she’s having quite a hard time with all the exams and studying she has to do to maintain a high grade. All her problems in school weren’t critical, except for her teachers trying to influence their perspective towards Tahrir and the protests going on there. Having their teachers, who are supposed to be respected for their knowledge and for the fact that they teach their students not only science, language or religion, but also build their character.

After the latest violent acts by the military forces towards protestors in Tahrir, my cousin’s class colleagues taking after their teacher’s careless attitude, the attitude of “they went there, they deserve it” degraded of every humanitarian feeling, the attitude of “it didn’t happen to me, it didn’t happen to someone I care about, it didn’t happen to my family or friends…I don’t care”.

I remember my brother and two of his friends having a similar argument with a teacher, the teacher used her authority as a tutor to force them to shut up and end the discussion with her words being the last, making her the victor.

I can’t imagine how hard it is to have such a burden upon my shoulder, being at school, where my personality is built, having this kind of terrible influence forced upon me, I don’t know how will I react to such mentalities while I’m the inexperienced, know nothing kid. Would I be the kid who’s challenging and denying his teacher’s words? I don’t think so…

But I’m proud of my brother, my cousin and their friends for standing up for what they believe in…I salute you all.

For standing up against the older generation, who haven’t gained any of the wisdom and intellect of their age…only malfunctioning and rusty minds.


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