People making my day =)

Having a day that goes smoothly without any problem is something extraordinary. If it happens to me more often, if it happens to all of us more often we would surely be different. But do we have the power to control it? Surely not, we have no power or control over what may happen to us.

Today I had no idea what’s gonna happen or how the day would go. Today was a day that has been shaped and brightened by all the people I’ve seen deliberately or by sheer coincidence.

Starting off at the archi part of the day, handing in the rigged sketch and pulling the Professor’s strings because we ran out of ideas and trials to please her that no matter what we do, she always fills our sketches with crosses and still we score around 8 out of 10. Anyway, after I recorded my attendance and my group finished discussion with the Professor, I stayed a while with some of my archi colleagues catching up and joking around about random stuff. Then I told two of my friends who liked my facebook notes about my blog then I left. It was good, it wasn’t awkward at all, it was relaxed and I enjoyed spending this little time with them.

I went to meet a dear friend of mine after we rescheduled the meeting for today. I called her and she was free so I set off to her location and got there pretty fast. My phone kept giving me “Error in connection” messages after every trial to call again to announce my arrival.

I stumbled upon some of my dear imEU friends, and I stayed for like an hour with them talking about their graduation projects, imEU issues and other randoms. I also saw an ex-imEU member who was my committee partner from last year, it’s always a pleasure seeing her actually.

I kept trying to call but it didn’t connect, it was weird so I asked about that error message and then I followed by suggesting that I should re-open my phone. Which fixed this strange bug. I reached my friend and she told me she’s heading down.

On her way down a demonstration came along and settled in front of FEPS building. Mourning the murder of the innocent during last week and denouncing the violence practiced by SCAF against civilians.

When the crowd moved on leaving a few people behind, my friend came, then I recognized another friend who’s an imEU delegate, a really active one, stopped and said hi and everything.

The day was so enjoyable and easy going, I was having fun with everyone I met. I was happy to see all those people. And I think they were happy to see me too.

I spent most of the time with the phone friend, went to help another with her video shooting assignment which was new and fun.

All this time, conversations were going on, I didn’t get bored, the variety of people was great.

Not all of them knew me equally, they knew me from different places or people, we talked about different topics, we did different things.

I was enjoying myself, I wasn’t depressive or pessimistic, emissions of delight and spontaneity. Even though I’m aware of what lies ahead of me, but I didn’t care much because it’s nothing I want to burn myself over 🙂

Hope it recurs


Posted on December 22, 2011, in Everything. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. am the one who’s happy more to be one of who made ur happy day…:D:D
    thnx nabih…:)))

  2. you’re welcome noor =)

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