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A limitless status

إحنا الجيل اللي محدش حاول يساعدنا .. قمنا ساعدنا نفسنا وساعدناهم .. إحنا الولد المشاغب وسط الأولاد المؤدبين .. إحنا اللي نطينا من فوق سور المدرسة علشان مكانش أساسا فيه مدرسة .. إحنا اللي سخرنا من طريقة تدريس المدرس وذاكرنا لوحدنا وجبنا الدرجة النهائية .. إحنا الطفل الصغير لما بيبدأ يجرب كل حاجة .. كل حاجة .. إحنا الجيل اللي عجبته أفلام الإرهاب والكباب والمنسي والبريء والهروب والكيت كات .. إحنا الجيل اللي تابع رأفت الهجان وليالي الحلمية والمال والبنون واتربى على يوميات ونيس .. Read the rest of this entry


Dear diary,

So today, I had nothing planned. I went out to catch up with my imEU friends who were recruiting secondary students for the imEU juniors programme. It was cool as I missed them and everything, I did have a good time.

By the time I was forced to go home (more on “forced” later :P). I didn’t feel like going home, I didn’t feel like going back to my laptop with facebook and games and movies and all of that stuff. I also spent enough time with my mother and brothers last week. I had a book “Catcher in the Rye” with around 15 pages left and I’ve been wanting to finish it for long but couldn’t. I also wanted to write, my blog hasn’t been updated for a while now. Read the rest of this entry

The semester of Zen Magnets

So I’m back, back to writing again after regaining my human form. Back after going through a very tough time which passed safely without any serious damage. I’m relaxed and relieved, spending time on many things until I get bored of them. Not stealing a moment or taking an hour away off work to refresh having this annoying feeling of guilt that this time I’ll later regret.

This is my last mid-year vacation ever. And I’m sure it will be remarkable.

As I reflect back upon the semester, I feel grateful.

I feel there’s too many thanks to give to the people who helped me get to the end Read the rest of this entry

Technical Difficulties