The semester of Zen Magnets

So I’m back, back to writing again after regaining my human form. Back after going through a very tough time which passed safely without any serious damage. I’m relaxed and relieved, spending time on many things until I get bored of them. Not stealing a moment or taking an hour away off work to refresh having this annoying feeling of guilt that this time I’ll later regret.

This is my last mid-year vacation ever. And I’m sure it will be remarkable.

As I reflect back upon the semester, I feel grateful.

I feel there’s too many thanks to give to the people who helped me get to the end

On the thanksgiving list my archi group would certainly occupy the first five places. They have done too much. Actually they’ve done the MOST contribution to my performance in the semester. GOD knows where I would be now without them.

Y.K, M.A, M.K, A.A & M.S

To the five of you I’m obliged to find a new way to say “thank you” because “thank you” isn’t enough at all. =)

Next would be I.S, for the time and effort he did to help me with the 2nd design project.

Followed by the Urbans (D.A, A.H, H.S, H.A, D.O & D.AE) You have been a joyful company. You were very co-operative, and the atmosphere as a whole was great and trouble-free. =) My initial expectations were wrong, I was wrong and I’m happy to have been so.

Those would be the people who have the most impact from inside college.

But the list still goes

Including imEU’11 and imEU’12. You were the weight that always evens the scales. Every week the stress builds up, then comes a session or an event that balances things out. Enabling me to endure this consuming stress, enabling me to proceed and continue. Always cheerful, always dedicated, always a pleasure to have you around =)

Family: brothers and mother/Family: especially cousins…I appreciate having each and every one of you =)

And finally, for the thing that really defined my past few months. My Zen Magnets, you have been an inspiration, you were the highlight of my semester. Countless are the ways I’d be thankful for having you all this time. And I didn’t feel too bad for losing you, at the last day of the semester. Because you did your part perfectly, and for that I promise to get you back =) Thanks to S.M for letting me know where to get them.

Many people here I mentioned their initials, many more I haven’t mentioned. For you all “Thank you for being there, Thank you for pushing me forward, Thank you for lighting me way when all I had in mind was darkness”


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