Dear diary,

So today, I had nothing planned. I went out to catch up with my imEU friends who were recruiting secondary students for the imEU juniors programme. It was cool as I missed them and everything, I did have a good time.

By the time I was forced to go home (more on “forced” later :P). I didn’t feel like going home, I didn’t feel like going back to my laptop with facebook and games and movies and all of that stuff. I also spent enough time with my mother and brothers last week. I had a book “Catcher in the Rye” with around 15 pages left and I’ve been wanting to finish it for long but couldn’t. I also wanted to write, my blog hasn’t been updated for a while now.

I couldn’t stay somewhere and read, enough money spent today, the street wouldn’t be suitable as the weather was raining heavy enough to be looked at through a window, not standing under it and read books 😀

I’d get all wet which would suck because it’s not mine, and it’s been a bit humiliated being carried everywhere in my stuffed bag during the last semester. As I could unfortunately read too little over too much time…friction certainly sucks for books!

Anyways, I walked in the rain towards the metro station. I got a bit wet but not soaking wet. I put the book under the jacket to protect it (See? I do care about it =D)

Eventually, I reached the metro station and decided to sit down and read right on the waiting platform, usually I read until the first train arrive, hop in, read a bit more on the ride and go home. But today I kept reading and reading till I finished what’s left of the book. Many trains passed, around 10 of them. I didn’t feel like hopping in any of them. So instead I finished the book, recapped what happened through it. Marked down my favorite parts and saved them in a mobile note. As soon as I was done, a train arrived. I got on, then I had this surging flow of thoughts, urging me to write, which I did.

I initially listed down my current thoughts. I had like three main thoughts: This diary-like one, another about imEU’s closed highboard meeting policy and the last was an extension to an old idea for imEU’s 3rd issue.

I started writing while I’m standing up. Looked around for a seat but none was available. I stood up for like four or five stops. During which seats were exchanged only for the elderly or women. Then came a seat nobody wanted which I took. I started writing again, still not feeling like going home. I told myself I always wondered about how these trains turn around, I had quite a good idea about how it’s done but I decided to see it myself. Staying till the end of the line and seeing how it happens. I’m sure it’s nothing spectacular but my curiosity needed some uplifting boost after I was forced (yes, again =P) to leave. I was like “What the heck! I’m doing this!” It felt good, writing as everyone’s getting on and off, no one bothering me, occasionally looking outside the windows checking the surroundings, checking which station I’m at. As we arrived at the end of the line at “Shubra El-Kheima”, I got off, everyone got off. I went up to the driver’s cabinet who had shut the train’s doors by then, and asked him “Is the train gonna turn around?” he said yes and he allowed me into the train through the cabinet’s door. It felt funny being in the cabinet and all, it was too small, I didn’t look around much so it wouldn’t be creepy. Then it still felt funny being in a whole wagon all by myself. The train moved a bit after the station on a railway extension with a lane switch and all. The driver stopped and walked all the way back to the cabinet on the other end of the train. While I was looking at the surroundings with a silly excited sort of a grin, I continued writing this. As the train started moving back station by station it was the same old same again. People getting on and off, no one bothering, train getting more crowded, people’s stares at me writing with my left hand curl, me occasionally peeking outside. I passed by the station where I get off to go home but passed it for writing. Then I decided I’d go to the other end of the line. I’ve got nothing to do anyway, nothing to go home to as well, except for lunch maybe, I was getting hungry. But I was enjoying writing more than I wanted to eat. I wished I had my headphones & songs on my phone too. I emptied the memory card a couple of days ago. As I was supposed to meet a friend who was gonna fill it up with songs of her own. As I was starting to feel that my playlist had direct influence over my mood and thoughts. All of the rock and metal songs have been putting me in this troubled mood with all the hard time memories. I didn’t hate them, not at all. Take all the LP tracks, always singing about facing oneself and challenges and how it all doesn’t matter and the tests you face daily for just being yourself even if you’re still discovering what does “being yourself” means. Others would push you to doing more and thinking less to get out of the mind’s confusing whirlwind. It helps me clear my mind, they really do, but they’re the type of songs that would lift you up from depression with a serious badass attitude. So it requires you to feel depressed in the first place, feeling overburdened by the weight of the world, that’s when I really enjoy the songs. Anyways, I want to change and try new stuff. I’m looking for a new direction for my mood and thoughts. And if it happens that I liked these new tracks I’d be having a different influence.

At this very moment while I’m writing this. I reached the other end of the line “Mounib” Station. I wasn’t getting off the train but the driver announced that the train’s going into the warehouse. So I got off with a couple of questions in my head. In less than two minutes another train arrived and I went up to ask if it’s turning around, there were two guys in the cabinet this time. The first let me in, that’s when the other guy started yelling at him “YOU’RE MAKING PEOPLE GET USED TO THIS AWFUL HABIT, RULES SAY THAT ALL PASSENGERS MUST DEPART BEFORE THE SWITCH!” The driver answered “we’re going the other direction anyway, no need for him to get off”. I felt bad after I heard the argument and I walked far from the cabinet so it wouldn’t look like I’m eavesdropping or anything. This time the two guys didn’t get off or walked to the other end of the train, the train just switched lanes and started moving almost immediately in the other direction. The louder guy said he saw other people staying on the train during a switch. Who else might do that? GOD knows, I’m kinda sure nobody did just for the heck of it, like me. Or maybe a few people did, who knows?

Then, I started wondering about the drivers. The first one went back and forth the metro line, is that supposed to be a full shift? Do every train goes full trip on the line before going in the warehouse for periodical inspection and maintenance? How many times does a driver go back and forth daily to complete his shift?

I love to have something to wonder about. And I love it when I spend enough time wondering, to have someone answer my questions.

Anyway, one station left then I’ll get off. This was the best writing time I had in a month =) and it’s the day I’ll futurly remember as the day “I went back and forth the Metro line”

Hehe, good times =)

This post took 11 pages off my small orange notebook =D (more on it later, hopefully ^^)
It’s like the longest piece I’ve written manually so far =D

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