The Orange Notebook

Last year, at the beginning of college year, I thought I had it all figured out, I was enthusiastic about the third year starting. With all the motivation to prove myself and my ability to gather all the lost pieces. It seemed simple, I just need to keep track of everything I do, would do, need to do and have it written down before my eyes to be able to see a bigger picture of the time I’m granted.

It was the usual self-boost that wears off after the first week “This year, I’ll do everything perfectly, nothing would go wrong.”

Heh…it’s never this simple, there’s always something waiting for you around the next corner. I’m growing older, my life’s growing bigger, seemingly too big to keep under my reach.

Anyway, this orange note was a part of my life last year, maybe not so big, but it was there almost all the time. Then, it disappeared!

Within the work and the continuous switch of places, I lost it. Until this year my friend gave it back when he found it. I looked through it and found my lecture attendance records, funny they only lasted for a month. Some weekly timetables, random work notes, random drawings, a design for a present that didn’t come to reality and finally, my log of writing ideas…

This log I missed the most, I started it as I decided to give all the focus on college and nothing else, still I had an idea every once in a while that I didn’t wanna lose, so I wrote those down here in the log. I couldn’t fully write about each idea in full detail back then, it would’ve been an excuse to escape my work duties. Posting it somewhere and following up on the post with comments and tags, big time spent not on work at hand was time wasting back then.

I smiled at how things changed, that attitude no longer exists, I gave up on work, I’m not wasting myself on it anymore. That log of writing ideas is still appealing to me, I still wanna write about those ideas even if they’re a year old.

Would probably do…

In a day or two =)

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