Post-millenium thoughts

It’s obvious that my blog activity has declined for one and a half month now.

It shouldn’t make sense because…during this time I was less busy. I had more time to write and think freely without any over pressing stress. For almost half of the time I had exams, this could be an excuse. Well it’s not because the days were less crowded than usual and still I didn’t get down to writing just for a handful of times.

Logically, I should’ve been writing more happy stuff with the happy state I was living. But I the happy state I was living didn’t include writing, my daily routine consisted of sleeping, more sleeping, watching movies/shows and GAMES GAMES GAMES. Basically things I’ve couldn’t do because of WORK WORK WORK. I had

محروم لامؤاخذة يعني 😀

So the daily routine didn’t include writing, another reason was the flow of thoughts. They were the same usual troubled issues, and I hated that. I thought that happy times would result in happy thoughts. And hell I was wrong, things weren’t that good. And it was still piling up.

It’s a bit disappointing to realize that it’s not as good as I imagined it would be without college.

But anyway, what can one do in two weeks only? Knowing that I’d be going back to it after it’s over. I guess it’s a good chance to rewind and chill to go into the upcoming final semester refreshed.

I feel that I need to read my older posts again…

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