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imEU2012: Finale

Last summer, a month before college started, I wrote this as a facebook status “Nothing to look forward to in the coming 12 months :/”. But 6 months later, I found out that things have went against everything I’ve expected. Every aspect has come out the opposite. EU wasn’t among the things I wasn’t looking forward to. On the contrary, it was among the few things –if not the only one- I was excited about. Read the rest of this entry



It’s new to me to have this continuous enthusiasm and massive affection towards something I’ve done. It’s been four days now and I’m still sharing the “Democracy” movie. Honestly, it’s the highlight of my 21 years being alive on this planet. I think the resulting effect will be kind of long lasting. This proud feeling of doing something that’s meaningful, neat and beautiful never happened together before.

Playing part in something that adds to those who deal with it, affects them and even changes them has always been a personal goal of mine. And I wasn’t able to do that by myself, because there’s a correlation between the value added, the effect, the change and the number of people participating in the process of making the product.

Destiny has a funny way of handling matters of one’s life Read the rest of this entry

It’s been years!

I’ve always been aware of the fact that life’s full of ups and downs. But for years now, time’s been proving to me that there’s no balance, that the number of ups is not equal to the downs, not equal in value either. The only thing about ups which made me happy is that nothing bad’s happening.

To me, it went like this… Read the rest of this entry