It’s been years!

I’ve always been aware of the fact that life’s full of ups and downs. But for years now, time’s been proving to me that there’s no balance, that the number of ups is not equal to the downs, not equal in value either. The only thing about ups which made me happy is that nothing bad’s happening.

To me, it went like this…

Down down up down down down up down up down down BIG DOWN up down down

In the past few years, I’ve had my eyes set on the things I’m missing, the things I sucked at, the things I didn’t do or could’ve done but didn’t.

I find it hard to remember when was the last time a series of happy events happened, it’s quite distant. But to my surprise it happened, for the last two weeks I became happier and happier.

EU events, my EU work, peaceful start in college, best Multimedia member for the month and finally the graduation project movie.

There an endless flow of gratitude and appreciation to a huge number of people.


Maybe I haven’t been as happy and inspired as I am now at this very moment. It feels great to have all the pieces coming together, feeling that there are things that are acting in your favor. Enjoying the hard work and the sleepless nights. Having the ability to gather what it takes for the team to reach the goal we set. And finally, getting the appreciation we deserve.

For the last two weeks and especially yesterday, I’ve been inspired people reactions and feedback about the things I did or played a part in doing.

What I feel now­­ is unmatched, loads of optimism and tons of confidence.

I feel like I have the ability to do much, and I feel that the gifts I’ve been blessed with will not be wasted =)

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