imEU2012: Finale

Last summer, a month before college started, I wrote this as a facebook status “Nothing to look forward to in the coming 12 months :/”. But 6 months later, I found out that things have went against everything I’ve expected. Every aspect has come out the opposite. EU wasn’t among the things I wasn’t looking forward to. On the contrary, it was among the few things –if not the only one- I was excited about. Following a wonderful year with imEU’11, I decided that I want to do more next year. I began to prepare ideas and plans to apply as a head. Being a head seemed to me the best way to be able to contribute more. I didn’t get that chance and you could tell my excitement and enthusiasm was cut to a half.

But still there was no way I’d deliberately miss out on being a part of the family, so my “Plan B” was to stay the same as last year and try to give more. But things changed the day I was going to get interviewed, a couple of you gradually shifted my decision away from re-applying as an editorial member. Even though it was the safer decision being already experienced with a previous background about how things go in the committee, I decided to take the challenge and choose multi-media as my committee preference. I wasn’t sure at all about that decision but I reminded myself that I’d still be able to write in the issues so it won’t be so bad if things went wrong. In Multi-media, my experience was limited, so I was afraid I’d let these people down. With a careful start, learning the basic rules and getting the drift of how things go. This phase went by fast, and I mingled with the team quickly.

This phase passing quickly was the turning point for my EU experience this year. I became at ease with the committee’s work. I extended from designing to designing and writing. As well as attending sessions with EANA. That’s why this year was different; it wasn’t just “good”, it was TREMENDOUSLY SPECTACULAR!

Not only was I an OC member in Multi-media committee…

I managed to become a “Multi-torial delegate”, an achievement I’m proud of for the extra contribution I sought. For a year that bears the slogan “The spirit of experience”, my experience was amazing, it was very rich, it was diverse. And it has left me loving EU and its people more =)

This awesome achievement can be traced back to some people whom I’d want to thank, including but not limited to these names

Lobna Maher: my ex-head
Farah El Charkawy
: my head
Marwa Emam
: my ex-partner and current co-head
Yasser Abodoma
: the person who inspired me the most last year
Noha Ahmed
: the person who inspired me the most this year

As well as Ahmed Eid, Mohamed Mourad, Mayada Sayed, Magy Tarek, Nour El-Ghamry, Shereen Zewar…and many MANY others 🙂 Also Multi-torial’11 members, Multi-torial’12 members, EANA Secretariates (Nouran, Seif, Enas), EANA’s Delegates (specially Farah, Aliaa, Aya), Heads Team of imEU2011/2012…

I also want to thank everyone, whether they helped through encouragement, giving advice or giving feedback, everyone who ever read my articles or complimented my work.

It makes me sad, being the last year I’ll officially be a part of the OC family. It’s hard to imagine living without having the EU in my weekly schedule, having deadlines, meetings to attend, events or sessions. But I believe that I’ve lived these two years with the EU for a reason, to be able to get through my unbearable college. And as I’m finishing both, I thank imEU for setting me straight on a new path I may be leading after graduation =)

I address all of you, my family…
Don’t forget me
Even if it seems to you that I did =)
Please…keep me included in imEU’13/14/…

Always and forever, Nabih


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