Since when…?

Since when do I give such sized importance to college?

I know, the fact that the graduation project is the last chance I gave architecture to decide whether I’m gonna lead a career in it or not…
So why am I refusing to accept the “or not” part. It’s a decision after all, I can decide to do it, and I can decide not to do it.


It just pains me to see that even after the super massive positive boost I gained after the 7,000+ viewed “Democracy” video, I’m still a LOZAR in architecture according to the academic system of Architectural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University.

I simply had to realize that…this is not what I’m meant to do, I do not know for sure. But it’s not something I’d crack my head open to achieve.

As a friend of mine posted “Life is too short for a wrong career!”

And even if Architecture is a very interesting career, and architects add a lot to humanity and it’s a very intricate science. I’d let the other 182 colleagues in my class do it. I won’t…

It won’t do me good to chase after something that I already lost interest in, may all the wrong educational systems end in damnation!

because you sentence your students to failure if they don’t succeed by your standards…when it’s not how things go…
I’d prefer to be an intellectual cook than a lousy wanna-be try-hard architect!


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  1. tb ne3mel eh delwa2ti šŸ˜€ ?

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