The Mother Nabih

Monday 16/4/2012

Today, I realized how much grateful I am to have a mum like mine. I usually am grateful for having her and I’m aware that I can not live without her. It will be so much harder and tougher.

Maybe we are opposites on the intellectual side and we disagree about almost everything, but I’ve realised some things she raised me and my brothers doing, some things were protectively on the extreme side. And as extreme as she was, we ended up with some downsides…

It’s tough to put a kid into the struggle of, “Don’t do everything anybody tells you, you’d have no character” and finding out you have to apply it on your cousins. So whenever someone suggests anything you feel urged to object! And that’s NOT how you have a character, and in my perspective of things it cost me the loss of having a real relationship with my cousins now…How can they live down and upstairs and I see my college professors more than them?! It doesn’t make sense to me…

It’s hard to please mum most of the time, but the things she always does for us proves that she loves us and is -to some extent- satisfied and -GOD forbid- even proud of us…

But it’s okay…because I’ve seen stuff from other mums to really appreciate what she does, and see the reasons supporting her mostly illogical actions, and I try to pass this understood formula to my younger brothers, so they can handle her better without provoking her anger =)

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  1. Its So Good For Everyone to believe that theres no mother like his

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