#1 – Fara’een Channel

This channel’s FAIL level is OVER 9,000!

It deserves to be present in my first “EG-FAIL” post!

First, the channel is owned by Prof. Tawfik Okasha, with a degree in FAIL has been a massive subject for mockery since it was founded. With Okasha himself presenting most of its shows (not sure if it’s many shows or it’s one big show…) I never actually watched the channel because I care about my mental health.

Anyway, the channel was/and still is known for its controversial perspective of current political and social issues. As an example, it was the channel who embraced “Ahmed Zbaydar” the so-called all-knowing guy who first appeared on the channel with information that accuses Wael Ghoneim of being a member of the Free-Masons, the world’s famous secret society. Even though all of his evidence didn’t make any sense, not to mention false. He and his facebook page “وائل غنيم عميل وبالدليل” acquired facebook users attention and gathered around 50k likes and the common egyptians actually started wondering about Wael Ghoneim’s real intentions and his agenda for playing a role in the occurence of the 25th Jan revolution. In the spirit of democracy and freedom of expression (Those motherfuckers shouldn’t get privileged because of it though but it’s Egypt…meh) Zbaydar actually got himself a show to spew his nonsense on the channel, with Okasha defending him and supporting him.

I’m talking too much about it and it’s really hard to continue so I’ll get to the FAIL! we all watched Okasha’s Baradei accusations and claims him not being capable of running a country if he doesn’t know how much is a DUCK or a bundle of arugula (Gargeer is arugula?…NEW WORD!)

Or the time when he described his grandfather’s eyes, he said they were CLOVER green (Maybe his grandfather was an anime character…who knows?)

Fara’een’s latest hit -the one that got me writing this- is this video!
Hayat El-Dardeery: muppet show

You can hear Okasha dictating his broadcaster “Hayat El-Dardeery” on HER show, when she mindlessly repeats after him, even when she’s telling a story she’s supposed to have been present when it happened…


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