You would not do the same

One day, I was going home by metro, it was more crowded than usual and the tickets booth had a really long queue. I took my turn and stood. It seemed it would take long to reach the window so I took out my book and started reading. I spent around 6 minutes moving slowly.

When I got there I had to pick out the ticket money from my pocket. I remembered that I had lots different coins: pounds, halves and quarters. I was in a rush and people behind me started to yell “yalla ya bashmohandes”. So I decided that I have to put my hands in my pocket only ONCE, so it has to be enough to buy a ticket. I knew that I had lots of coins so I didn’t wanna take them all out. And I couldn’t take my time swimming in the sea of coins trying to “feel” the larger ones and pick them.

Let’s assume I had an equaly amount of pounds, halves and quarters. What’s the least number of coins I should grab to be enough for a 1LE ticket?

The answer is: Four, the value of any four coins will be 1LE or more, that’s because the worst case is I take out four quarters which will be enough…anything else will be higher (3 quarters and a half, 3 quarters and a pound……etc)

That’s what went through my head the moment I was reaching into my pocket, but I didn’t grab four…

I grabbed only three, because I previously knew that I had only two quarters, so the worst case is that I’d pick them both plus a half or a pound. Which will be enough to buy the ticket =)

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