#2 – Ikhwan Page Fail

So here’s the 2nd EG-FAIL post…this time with both hilarious and embarrassing. Just pure FAIL

So we’ve all heard about Azza Faiad, the young egyptian girl who succeeded in producing hydrocarbon fuel by catalytic cracking of plastic waste utilizing a new cheaper type of catalyst. People shared her story for winning the European Commission’s initiative “European Union Contest for Young Scientists” out of pride and hope in the hidden and usually underestimated abilities, she’s only 16 by the way so…SHE’S QUITE AMAZING!

I’ve got nothing against anyone who shared her story…but it’s that only page that shared it, added their own “touch” to it for all the wrong reasons…

FAIL LVL: انت عيل اخوانجي

Click this image to view the original facebook post by Ayman Abdelraziq

As you can see, the page out of absolute confidence claims that this girl is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and actually uses her to advertise for the heavily advertised “مشروع النهضة” of The Freedom and Justice Party which works for whoever their candidate is “موتوا بغيظكم” *trollface*. People started commenting about the glory of MB youth and the bright future that awaits us when they seize presidency.

When somehow Azza herself was notified of this false claim and denied it herself by commenting on the posts. Subtly embarrassing the poster, the page and showing the mindless hastiness of some people who would do anything to give credit to those who haven’t even earned it. They even spelled her last name wrong!

That’s the first layer of FAIL

The second is the people who commented on the post, they didn’t only stop at praising MB and their candidates. After Azza and her sister commented and embarrassed the admins, people stupidly continued their hollow compliments and some of them even took it forward to claiming that the two girls’ accounts are fake, newly made and impersonated by MB haters…

That’s around…the next five layers of FAIL!

To all of the MB fanatics out there, grow a fucking brain!

In the original post, Ayman put a link to the real post by the MB page which was working untill 11pm 29th of April but it got removed around that time.


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