3# – Brainwashing lvl: Haifa Wehbe

It’s simple, if you want to control people, shift their interests towards trivial matters…
and that’s exactly what’s happening, whenever there’s a serious problem or a disaster that deserves to be solved.

The El-Ahram newspaper published an ad for their El-Shabab magazine (which means Youth) clearly stating that all the “honorable” citizens should stay away from Al-Abbasseya, where the military forces are violently dealing with protestors there, supporters of protest rights, doctors tending to the victims and the injured even the journalists who try to report the news.

To create a black-zone…
Spread lies about the protestors…
Send the people away from the truth…
Fuck them all day and night as you please…

Don’t you worry “honorable” citizens,
We’ve got this…
As you’ve always entrusted us, we’ll protect you,
So keep that in your empty brainwashed mind of yours,
And go drool after Haifaa Wehbe…!


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