The Italian football club
My all-time favorite team

AS THE CHAMPION OF EL-SCUDETTO (The Italian Football League)

After years of punishment, a relegation to Serie B and titles taken away. They managed to stay unbeaten for all their league matches this season. They’ve achieved the word “TEAM” literally by letting the defender Barzaghli score a penalty kick on the last match vs Atalanta so that the whole team players would be goalscorers.

I’ve never played with other clubs other than JUVE in the PS Winning Eleven or Pro Evolution Soccer, after their relegation I switched to Manchester but I gradually stopped playing because of them, the programmers used to make Juventus’ players with lousy skills which can’t match the rest of the great teams (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Manchester United, Chelsea….)

And after the relegation I didn’t follow football as much, not the league not the UEFA champions league and of course the Egyptian shitty league =D It was different without YOU-VENTUS

Until the beginning of this year when PES’12 was out and I played Juve which was a LOT better, and I won and it felt awesome, and during the very few times I got to play PES again I only picked them and I really enjoyed the matches no matter the result =D

This year marks the return of Juve with a strong formation and powerful results on the local side, hopefully next year the performance in the European Cups will be as great as their performance this year.

But there’s always a downside =/

Del Piero -my all-time favorite football player- has decided to retire =/ and announced that Juve’s game vs Atalanta will be his last with the bianconeri =(

I still remember the first time I saw Del-Piero, it was summer 1998 before the France World Cup. There was this Pepsi campaign at that time featuring stars from the notable teams, I was buying the newspapers for my dad. One of them had an attachment, a paper with the world cup schedule with Del-Piero on the back. It was my first world cup ever, the first time I get attached to football, but I didn’t support Italy in this World Cup, it was later in Euro 2000 where I got really passionate about the Italian team. Who reached the final and lost to France 2-1 in a very disappointing game =( But in 2006, Italy won the world cup in Germany after beating Germany in the semi-final. It was a very special cup and the match vs Germany was really special…find out why BELOW…

Having three brothers have strengthened my love to the Italian team and Del Piero, each on of us HAD TO have a favorite team and subsequently he’d pick his favorite club in that country’s league. The brotherly competition, teasing and mocking other teams was an on-going show that never stopped.

My older brother is a fan of England
I support Italy
The third is a hardcore fan of the German team
And the youngest is French (who had a very strong national team in the past 10 years but their league didn’t have any strong clubs)

That’s why we mostly played with National Teams when the four of us were there, which was most of the time of course =D

But me and my older brother had an unrivaled rivalry, since we had the old NES console. We had this “WORLD CUP” game that had 32 teams which we played versus each other A LOT! LIKE…FOR DAYS!

We made several world cups, dividing the teams in two and playing in the exact system the world cup goes, group stages then knock out to the final. I have to admit that my brother had the advantage back then (the game was way too simple for my skills to show =P)

I remember a specific match, he played with England (which wasn’t so strong in this game) and I was playing with a strong team. And he scored FOURTEEN GOALS! YES! FOUR-FUCKIN-TEEN, and I can’t even remember if I scored back =( Poor me =( I guess it was 14-0, 14-1 or 14-3…which doesn’t really matter with FOURTEEN goals scored by him ='(

زعلني جامد ساعتها =(
and he kept humiliating me for years for this match =D We didn’t continue this cup, which was the third if I recall, not sure. And we didn’t start another one ever after.

It continued when we got our PC and we got this software that allows us to play PS games, the mighty “VGS14”.

During this phase we literally played TO DEATH vs each other, continuous rematches for long long hours, not taking records of who’s winning or losing, continuously devising new ways to beat one another, new strategies, new formations, new players, new defensive and offensive techniques. And even we have different playstyles we were affected by each other. It made us both better, and we were tough competition to our inter-cousin-ental competitions usually held at family gatherings.

I remember this one time, we were playing this Winning Eleven version which had a staggering Liverpool team, my brother’s obviously. I used to play Juventus by default, and I was head to head with my brother in the beginning months, but then he found the point of strength in Liverpool and he literally started abusing it. He had LOTS of players with SUPER shooting powers, he kept experimenting -on me- until he found the perfect formation, where he literally can shoot the ball from outside the box -and sometimes from the center of the field- to score goals! And he used everything to reach that certain moment when he knows if he shoots, it’s a 100% guaranteed goal! IT WAS TORTURE =( He had a defender who shoots TORPEDOS, a bunch of midfielders and of course forwards! I couldn’t counter him at all! I counted on his bad luck more than trying to actually counter his tactics. At a certain point, we both knew how each other thinks and we came up with more than one reaction to each action the other does. And still I hardly could stay level with him =/

Anyway, we started this tournament and we started picking teams, I placed Juventus the farthest thing from his Liverpool, and then placed the second strongest teams against Liverpool hoping to luckily get rid of it. During that specific tournament, I picked Real Madrid early, I was desperate so instead of letting him pick the strong clubs that he was familiar with, I picked them instead “أهو غلاسة كده” and placed them on Liverpool’s half. Then the matches started, Liverpool vs Real Madrid. That match started normally, My brother pressing most of the time with opportunities to score. But it took another turn, I scored once, no problem. I scored a second, he scored back. 2-1 it is now and I score a third! And seconds after kick off I steal the ball and score A FOURTH! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I didn’t dare laugh out loud or tease him! He was already burning up inside and I could see it =P As after that fourth goal, he actually QUIT xD He intentionally closed the game terminating the whole tournament xD The feeling I had back at that moment was priceless =3 Then each of us played the Master League mode, creating our own teams and playing vs each other, it wasn’t neck-breaking as the usual matches but it was enjoyable, since we made custom players with our names =D and we set rules for it, not just maxing skills mindlessly, and we ended up with different players with different styles and position. My brother created a speedy side forward, and I made an offensive midfielder/playmaker. It was fun =D

And that was the highlight of me and my older brother competition =D We grew up, I got to the secondary stage, my brother got to college. That’s when my younger brothers stepped up and competed with us. At this time we bought our PS2 and the HEARTLESS MATCHES BEGAN! At that time France had the best national team in the world. And my youngest brother was actually beating us all! We had endless “الغالب مستمر” rounds on weekends, and it was AWESOME! There was no rules, nobody was always dominating, surprising results happened very often.

If we are 1, 2, 3 & 4

1vs2, 1 wins
1vs3, 1 wins
1vs4, 4 wins
4vs2, 2 wins
2vs3, 3 wins
3vs1, 3 wins
3vs4, 4 wins
4vs2, 4 wins
4vs1, 1 wins
1vs2, 2 wins
2vs3, 2 wins
2vs4, 4 wins
and so on…

God I miss those days =)
We rarely play vs each other now =/

1 has a job now
2 is me, senior year and graduating (me_fml@getme.out)
3 is a 2nd sec student and supposed to be studying, ro7 zaker yad…shayfak 😡
4 is forever alone…! ❤ you OS, 7abibi wallahi =D

We’re playing an online game called LoL (League of Legends) and #4 is actually a pain in the ass, he’s better than us and his mind isn’t full of other grown up shit. He’s dedicated and he’s ranked higher than us. I’m actually the lowest ranked -_- FML

We used to teach him how to play a couple of years ago, and now we’re consulting him for in-game advice x) but we still make fun of him even if he’s right =P Older brother authority w keda =D hehehe



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