Solitary Confinement

It’s where I lock myself up when I feel I let people down.
It’s where I beat myself up for not doing what I should.
How often do you pretend to feel the way people think they’re making you feel?
How good can you fake a “thank you” when you don’t even feel helped?
You keep making promises, promises for your own good,
Promises once declared, the actions only seem to be nothing but determined trials to break them.
It gets you lost and confused, whether you’re testing yourself, or you’re testing them?
How far are they willing to care? and when are you intending to start caring?

More promises made and broken, more friends made and let down, more self-hatred and hurt…

Self-beating in a solitary confinement…!

And you start wondering, how much time went past, how much longer will it last?
Seven days? Five years?
Or is it a Life Sentence…?


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