#RandomShit that’s been on my mind

Some of the things that’s been crowding the traffic in my head in the last couple of days….

R1: I wish someday I’d manage to teach many people how to play minesweeper. Regardless of the fact that it’s a game, the thought process and logical thinking is really important and necessary. You would still survive without it, but it’s certainly a plus to have it. Today I’ve had this silly idea of making a human minesweeper (lol), that’d be fun.

R2: Quite the same thing with rubik’s cube, but I haven’t still mastered it. I know I can solve it in under three minutes but it’s because I’ve swallowed the steps I’ve learned from “how to” youtube video. I may know what to do when and how to do it fast, and maybe added a few of my own shortcuts. But still I don’t have a complete understanding of the science of algorithms. Will have to read more about that.

R3: I’m quite worried about my grad. proj. The Professor could just slam a huge “REJECTED” stamp on it two days from now. And that will be sad, it will make others sad, it will surely make me sad. But I won’t show it, I want to move on so bad that I’d let it pass (for a while at least). I won’t be sad over the years I’ve spent, I’d be sad because I lost control over my life during that time, and it cost me dearly. Anyways, if it happened and it got rejected and I was asked to do another one for another year, I don’t think I will go. Maybe I’m being stupid, but I won’t, I don’t want the “graduation certificate” I’d still be alive, and I’ll simply live. I’ll make myself happy.

R4: I’ve seen my archi-friends saying farewell to our workplace in Masr El-Qadima, I felt sad as I’m not sharing these days with them. I’ve spent almost 80% of my time in the past two years with them and they’re wonderful. But I guess I cannot be there, amongst all the tension, all the nervousness, they’ve all been building their projects through out the semester, having a lazyass loser like me still trying to save my sorry ass before it’s too late. It won’t do any of us any good. I’d be pressured by them all day and night, with all the tense atmosphere, my reaction would be a total strike, I won’t work, saying all sorts of negative shit, pulling all of our already rock bottom spirits far down to earth’s core. I’d say it’s good for both of us. I do miss them, a lot. I just don’t need that mindset I summon when I’m with them, I better be at home. Being taken care of by my mother, my brother. GOD bless them both, and may GOD grant me the ability to repay them all for what they did to me for all these years, and my friends for the last two years =)

This last paragraph is an example of the things I don’t self-recommend when it’s on my mind, today I decided to write it down, I’d want to remember this when I’m skimming through my posts in the near and/or far future.…I miss it here…

#NowPlaying ‘Hurts like Heaven – Coldplay’ on repeat and it’s making me smile=)


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  1. LOLed at R1,R2, i guess that’s accompished sir, congrats 🙂 xD

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