Parents aren’t perfect III

I was hanging out oneday with two of my friends, they were talking about how their family names always raised questions about them being related to some known person. Then they went on talking about the real notable people from their great grandfathers and so. I don’t know about any notable people in the roots of my family, and I don’t think there are. But I felt obliged to say something so I just went on about my both parents’ origin being Damietta. Then the conversation drifted somewhere else. But my mind kept thinking for a while and I left my friends talking (they’re girls and they do it very well :D)

From what I know my grandfathers were countryside people. Nobody notable, and to be honest it’s not that bad. On the contrary, I think it’s a good thing that this family after all these years ended up with this generation me, my brothers and my cousins.

Becoming our current selves, my brothers and I feel pretty distant from my mother’s mentality, we disagree on most stuff. And we argue a lot, she’s not very familiar with the things we do and she disapproves of most of it šŸ˜€ But she’s coping, she’s coping since she left Damietta and came to live in Cairo after she married my dad. She had to live with lots and lots of changes and differences. She’s a housewife, always been, and from where she came she was really good at it. And she was really good at school and she would’ve done great if things didn’t oppose her on her secondary school exams. She would’ve been someone of great influence over the community. But the way things worked out for her, she does have great influence on her community “her family” the community she belongs to. It’s pretty rare nowadays to still have ties with all this number of relatives. Trust me, it’s a BIG FAT number! and it’s amazing that she can still keep track of them after all these years being in another city. And she did a really great job with us, with the house, and with the way of bringing us up. We might not have got into the city lifestyle until our late years, but we got into it enough to see its flaws and do what my mum brought me up doing. I’m proud of her =)

During the last year, I’ve learned that my brother was the first engineer among the grandchildren of my grandfather. He’s also the first grandchild to bear his name. They say it’s something special being the first grandchild, so it should be also special being an engineer, a highly regarded field.

Anyways, my dad used to work as one in the business partnership the whole family runs (him and my uncles), so after he passed away he didn’t leave behind any personal assets, possessions or money. It’s all in the family capital and it’s what we’ve been living on to this moment, thanks to my dear uncles =)

This would probably be a turn-down because we don’t have this advantage someone else may have, with their parents supporting them and stuff. But to look at it from another angle, it’s a challenge, a very challenging challenge to start something of my own.

To start my own career,
To do what I like and what I do best,
And even if there’s no asset I can use,
My parents invested in me all these years,
That I
have become
their asset =)


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