يا طور يا مربوط أرفض تلف
أكسر تروس ساقيتك واشتم وتف
قال بس خطوة كمان وخطوة كمان
يا أوصل نهاية الطريق يا البير تجف

In everywhere I try to know the rules and follow them, unless any of these rules doesn’t make sense to me. That’s when I riot and try to break them, make my own rules, question the existence of this certain rule and if it does apply to me or is it just stupidly made. If this rule puts me in a disadvantage and I can’t live with it, why would I follow it? Maybe I’m trying to be the exception, maybe I love being the exception. But what if the exception should be the norm? What if those rules were laid down for a certain age, for a common situation that used to exist, for a certain purpose that’s not valid anymore. Times change, generations vary, new things enter our lives daily, it would be counter-logic to stick to the old ways that would hinder you and others.

And like most things, there’s a fine line. A fine line between disrespectful chaos and a riotous act of good deeds. To seek changing the monotony of now, to break through the still current, is something I’m always on the look out for. To change the rusty old norm, change it into something everyone’s more comfortable in, something happier. It’s very different from the intention of destroying an existing system just out of hatred, jealousy or some other lame reason or excuse.

I don’t know if I’ve succeeded in changing things for other people too, and if you ask me now “what did you do?” my answer will be “I dunno…ummm…nothing?” but I’ll always be on the lookout. Maybe I’ll ignite the spark in others who would be able to do a great impact, and this way the attitude persists.

العبودية إنك تبقى داير في نظام مجتمعي مش فاهم معناه وعارف إنه غلط … بس داير برضه فيه


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