5 Years of my Engineering Life

This day, the one that ended a couple of hours ago. Dated 26/7/2012, will always be a special day. The day I turn the final page in that Chapter of my life and write down: The End.

And I find myself ovewhelmed, overwhelmed by happiness, appreciation, optimism with bits of pride. I can loudly say that I’ve completed my University Education! That’s HUGE! For everyone who gets this far it’s great, but for me it holds more meaning to it than most things I may have done. These five years, these tough, back breaking years. With all the obstacles and frustrations I’ve been through, are finally over…!

How it looks from this point backwards, for five years. Makes the rest of my previous life seem ridiculously tiny and pointless. But I know those years were necessary for me becoming what I am today. If they were any different I wouldn’t be the same today, grateful for everything, grateful for everyone I’ve met and knew in those five long years. The friends I’ve kept, the friendships I’ve made, the fun I had, the hard times I’ve got through, the harder times people’ve got me through and all the support I got and all the care people showed. I can only say that I’m overwhelmed..!

And I can’t tell how high my spirits are, to rid myself of this burden that held me back. I can breathe one long sigh of relief and grin at what’s coming =) With a new open appetite, eager to get out there and pursue something different and new. Something that’s beyond freedom. Put myself in the place to take those chances I’m destined to take to be able to leave a mark on a larger scale, as large as the responsibilities and expectations I’ve placed along the path I’ll lead to whatever dreams I’m aspiring. It certainly feels great to be out again, out in the open. Starting off fresh, motivated and determined. Aware of the strength I’ve built up along the way, aware of what I’m capable of doing, of what I’m passionate about and what I want to pursue.

Aware of the fact that it’s still a jungle out there, that the road’s not gonna be flat and paved for me to just sprint through it. More is yet to be discovered, places to explore, people to know and mistakes to make.

I’m gonna go far, en sha2 Allah, as far as I can see from this point onwards and even further. With this wide grin on my face that was on my face all day, for it’s not just a mere grin. But for what it represents….

I find myself urged to go through the pictures I have for the past couple of years, with all the love in the world to all the people who were with me who shared these moments, the finest moments of all =) These pics took me on a radiant ride through all of the memorable times, the times I’ve enjoyed myself and hopefully made others enjoy themselves as well. If you’re in any of those pics, you’ve helped, you’ve helped a lot, it’s because of you I’ve made it through and it’s because of you I kept going. No matter who you are, you did, and I wholeheartedly thank you for that.

My life was eternally touched by you and these pics are what’s not gonna make them go away =)

I wanted to place some of those pictures to attach them to this post, but I started and reached more than 40 pics with a lot more remaining. Too many to include, an indication to how many you are =)

Thank you again…

With all

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