Three years ago, I decided to gradually give away games and gaming. Because back then, I was aiming to improve my situation in college. I was dissatisfied with how things took me and where I ended up. I had my reasons, and I proceeded with the steps. I spent way too much time on facebook game apps. Competing with friends in almost all of the popular games. And when facebook bores me I have a couple of online games, and if I have enough of those I have a bunch of other games to play offline. I would not claim that I’m a hardcore gamer because I’m not. I don’t consider myself “hardcore” in anything which is……IRRELEVENT!

Anyways, I started off by removing ALL of those slave making, clicking exercises, time wasting, sorry excuse of games. It wasn’t that hard, the attractions I had towards those games were no more present. Competition? too needy and became pointless. Variety? got more than enough of that, and apps became repetitive. Popularity? never been a target of mine. Fun? not anymore with everything else falling apart. I removed them all and it felt really good afterwards. Occasionally I saw notifications or app-published posts with rewards or whatever crap they offered, and I was grateful I got myself out of this shit. At this point, the games I wanted to play were not games I’m forced to play, the idea of a game telling me to login every given amount of time is just crazy and unacceptable. “YOU DONOT CONTROL ME” I said to myself, then I let the rest of them do *heh*

The next critical point was a year and a half after, when I decided in the mid-year that I’m gonna try it out with no games at all. And I actually removed every other game that I had on my previous laptop, including these which I really really liked. The first weeks were okay, as well as SUPER BORING! I guess that was when I started taking books seriously, and fortunately they lasted till now. As weeks went by, I kind of relapsed into getting them back one at a time. But I still didn’t play as much. I gave more time to work and having a large amount of group work certainly helped. Individual work has yet suffered because I had no will at all for it. It got worse when my first laptop was stolen, I lost with it more than just my games or my work, but also my 7-year pictures library, my music library, lots and lots of written thoughts and writer’s content from the magazine I chief-editored. When I got my new laptop, my current laptop, it was a slow comeback to everything. Everything I did reminded me of the one I lost. My youngest brother and I made an inside joke about it back then. Whenever something has changed to the worse or isn’t as good as before anymore, it’s not like my old laptop!!! “mesh zay el laptop el adeeeeeem” *sob* =(

From this point on my attitude kinda changed, I looked back at my life and I felt nostalgic. Games have been an essential part of my life. Years of brotherly and school competition can’t just get erased easily. My most favorite works in architecture were influenced by games one way or the other. The tetris-themed kids’ library, the color scheme assignment…and others. I started re-downloading some of these games over the time and I got some more from friends but didn’t get to play 80% of them =D

I admit it’s an addiction, but it’s one that I can’t give away. It’s become a part of me that I don’t think will go away. I may have cared before about how others see me, if they got to know how ‘badly’ addicted I am. But now I don’t, I learned how to use this to my advantage. And now I’m aspiring to make more out of my addictive passion for games.

For about more than two years ago, my brothers and I have been playing that game called “League of Legends” it started off as a usual online game, same aspects of gameplay and community features. But the game drastically improved over the course of time and innovated features of its own. It’s what attracted me to it the most, again I didn’t try to become a hardcore gamer at it, participating at tournaments and trying to raise my player ranking to the highest competitive level.

What I liked about the game is the flexibility you can build you champion and the variety they provide for building your champion within each match you play. And most of the time you’d still be effective. Most of the time I did many champions builds that were described by my youngest brother,who’s now the most knowledgeable among us in the game play and team mechanics, he can lead below average and average players to win tough games through leadership, though his mind is only fixed on a very narrow spectrum of builds. But he’s usually right with his advice, but sometimes our creativity overcomes his straightforwardness =P I think he will do well in the highly competitive play and a decent team.

Anyways, the game introduces a new champion around every two weeks. Each champion with a unique skill set, a unique art, a unique background story (Lore) connected to the world of “League of Legends”. What I liked the most is that the game is constantly upgrading, replacing old art with new art, modifying the champions power to be balanced but still maintain their unique qualities, making different skins for champions for fun, fun themes for their champions, winter arena for christmas, annual april fools jokes, hidden jokes, competitions for artwork, photography, music, songs, league of legends-themed FOOD, costumes, cosplay and more…

They also take excellent care about their community, their staff is really active on the forums, they give reasons for the changes they put into the game even if they’re not welcomed by the community, some of these unwelcomed changes get actually get reset back to their previous state, I remember they once changed a character’s art because the community unanimously said she was ugly and unmatching her background story and the community expectations for her. They regularly give free gifts to their players, at times they seem to be dealing with the players in a materialistic way but they’re not trying to create a gap between paying players and free players. But you have to admit they have to get money and profit from their work. They count on the tournaments more, with sponsors and everything, sponsors for the competition rewards. They built up a system for reporting bad players, players with negative attitude, players who ruin the game for others….and they make players themselves judge whether do those who are reported deserve punishment or not, which I think is very smart. They post bi-weekly videos of various fan art (pictures, drawings, comics, music, songs, poems, stories, jokes…..etc)

All of these factors have got them lots and lots of  titles like “top online game of the year” and many others. Their players’ base is constantly growing, their seasonal prizes skyrocket year after year. It’s an impressive success story.

All of this is what’s interesting to me, I don’t dream of becoming the top ranked player, I play only for fun and experimenting. I’m more interested in the champions design, artwork and background stories. I dream to work there with champions. It’s awesomely inspiring! I still have a lot to learn and I’ll keep improving myself, it’s pretty farfetched to really end up working there but I’ll do what I gotta do. Maybe one day they’ll have a middle east version and I’ll be part of it? who knows?

An awesome friend of mine, bared with me through a long duration session introducing him to the game, not the gameplay, only the community and the activities they hold. When I finished he wanted to learn how to play it…even though before my friends and him used to make fun of the game because of its cartoonish graphics.

And today while I was checking out the event where they held the tournament finals for this season in Poland, where 1,000 people attended to watch the best teams competing. I showed the crowd photo to him.

He made me this:

and he told me this 😀
“I’m happy you’re doing something you love, dude. Even if I think it’s trivial, even if anyone thinks so, fuck them. What matters is that you’re happy :)”

I didn’t expect that, and it made my day =)



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